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The Substitute Teacher On-line Management system is a system, whereby teachers will be employed in Primary and Secondary Schools to fill in for planned absences occasioned by teacher participation in training programmes, workshops, seminars and conferences approved by the Ministry of Education, as well as unplanned absences including sick leave, occasional leave and maternity leave.

Who Can Apply?

  1. Persons who have obtained their Certificate, Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor’s, or Master’s in the area of subject specialty from a recognized and accredited University.
  2. Persons who have been interviewed for Primary and Secondary School Teaching.
  3. Person who were previously employed as a substitute Teacher
  4. Retired Primary and Secondary school Teachers

All applications for the post of Substitute Teacher shall be submitted via the Ministry of Education website http://sts.moe.gov.tt.

In order to teach as a Substitute Teacher at a primary or secondary school in Trinidad and Tobago, a person must first create an account through the Substitute Teacher On-line Management System. Once an account is created, the person can then apply for employment as a primary or secondary-level Substitute Teacher for any Primary or Secondary school. The qualification (e.g., Certificate, Diploma, Associates Degree, Bachelor's, or Master's,) determines the level at which the Substitute Teacher will be assessed to teach.

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Substitute Teacher Operating Guidelines and Code of Conduct